Are Virtual Events here To Stay?

Are Virtual Events here To Stay?

If you’d have told me in February last year that I would do more shows on Zoom than in real life over the next 12 months then I would never have believed you!

But here we are… 12 months on and whilst I did less than 15 shows in real life since the start of the pandemic I have done over 150 on Zoom (or Teams, WebEx, Google Meets and even one on a Facebook Messenger Group Call!)

Now though we are very much looking towards events restarting in real life and I can’t wait. I’ve missed the thrill of wowing big crowds or hopping from group to group at Weddings and Corporate events to add a little bit of magic to their day.

But are online shows here to stay or will they disappear faster than you can say Abracadabra?

Corporate Events

A large percentage of the online events I’ve delivered have been for corporate audiences. I’ve done lots of shows and magic masterclasses for everything from Christmas Parties to mid morning energisers at online conferences.

I really do think virtual entertainment will be here long after the pandemic is over. Here are 3 reasons why:

  • People love watching other people react to what they are seeing on screen
  • It saves money for the client
  • Entertainers from all over the world can drop into events online.

I have performed in 7 different countries in 2020 and only left the house once to do that (even that was a socially distanced garden party in Wales in August 2020!)

If corporate audiences can connect people from around the country, or even the world, with useable and reliable technology they will save thousands of pounds and hundred of hours in lost revenue and productivity.

Darren Mac

If you would like to book some virtual entertainment then get in touch now! We can’t even think about full scale live events until June 21st so there is plenty of time to get your event in before then!

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