A Season Like No Other!

A Season Like No Other!

Summer 2022 has started like no other. I’ve performed at corporate events, trade shows, weddings, private parties, university events, food festivals and family shows and the rest of the Summer looks just as busy!

I don’t usually claim to be be busy or quiet and I’m always happy to be able to do what I love for my job but this Summer everything has come together to make it my busiest year to date.

But Why?

I think three things are happening together to form this busy spell:

  1. People are getting married who always planned to do so this year anyway.
  2. Weddings and other special events that should have taken place during 2020 and 2021 but couldn’t are now happening.
  3. People are organising extra events just because they can. It has been harder for family, friends, loved ones and colleagues to all get in the same venue together over the last couple of years. Now people can… they are!

All of this has come at a great time for performers and people in my industry. I’ve chatted to lots of other wedding suppliers whilst at weddings recently and they’ve all seemed to be seeing the same trend. From photographers and videographers to DJ’s, bands, room dressing, fun casino hire, photo booths and saxophonists everyone is experiencing a high volume of enquiries!

Will It Continue?

I think things are starting to settle down. For me I’m busy through August and then from September things start to return to normality. I’ve already got a good number of Christmas events lined up and some of those are because we had to cancel some events last minute in December 2021 so perhaps Christmas might just be the same.

A Personal Thank you

It’s been amazing that people are still coming back to ask me to perform at their events. I don’t usually get too personal on my blog but I’m thrilled that previous clients are returning and people are taking recommendations and remembering me from previous events. It genuinely does mean the world to me!

Covid-19 and the effects of it were felt across the world an across every industry. It was a incredibly sad time and a destructive period for my industry. If that was the storm then Summer 2022 is definitely the rainbow. It has been amazing. I’m busy, but I’m not fully booked so if you wanted to blow the minds of all your guests at your next event then get in touch. If I’m available then I’d love to be with you at your event and make it that bit more magical!

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