President of Manchester Circle of Magicians

El Presidente

A couple of weeks ago I achieved one of my goals. I became the President. Not of America (although I am sure I couldn’t make any more errors than the current incumbent) but of Manchester Circle of Magicians. Here is a picture of me receiving the chain of office. The first moves happened in 2016. Manchester Circle of Magicians is a huge magic club. It has the biggest attendances per meeting of any magic club (of which there are over 100!) outside of London. It is a club which I enjoy spending time at and one which I have attended, along with my father, since the age of 14. I was sounded out about the role and it was a great honour to be asked to be their president in 2018.

Why Me?

This year is a big milestone in my life as I turn 30! I am excited by this as opposed to worried and being president of MCM is one of the cool things I will get to do this year. I work hard for the club. I organise some of the teaching sessions sharing magic with other members and help out where I can but even so being asked to be President was a great honour especially as I am becoming the youngest president ever at 29!

What does it mean?

Firstly it is great to be respected enough by your peers that they ask you to be their president. It is a job I will take seriously and I hope my legacy will be to do as much as I can to help and support the junior members. Having been a junior once, green as grass but with an endless enthusiasm to learn I know how important it is to bring through the next generation of magicians and share our art with them.

Secondly it means introducing each meeting. Making sure our lecturers from around the world feel welcome and ensuring I represent the club as best I can as a professional working magician.

Oh and lastly I get to wear the chain! To be honest, that is my least favourite part of the role. Anyone who knows me will know I think we are all the same and that no one is above or below anyone else so I usually wear the chain for a couple of minutes at each meeting, for the compulsory introductions and then I put it back in the bag!

Other than that things are much the same. Going to any magic club isn’t really about the tricks you see or the secrets you learn. It is about the people. Sharing stories with fellow magicians and sharing magic with fellow members. It is incredibly cool to be ‘El Presedente’ for a year but what I get out of the Magic Circle will never change!

The Manchester Magic Circle usually meet on a Monday at Helmsley Hall in Salford and for joining details and a full Syllabus for 2018 check out