Fulfilling a Dream

There are two questions a magician is always asked. The first is can you show me a trick? I always try and show them something amazing that they will always remember for a long time. The second question that usually follows is how did you start?

For me it was a Sooty magic set. It was Christmas in 1993 and I was 5 years old. It isn?t uncommon, in fact most children of a similar age receive a similar set. However most play with a few tricks for a few minutes before amusing themselves with something else. However for me it would be the start of a lifelong passion which started as a hobby and has ended in a career.

Magic has been very good to me. It has allowed me to travel to places all around the world that I never would have visited to perform my magic. I am very lucky to have a career doing what I love to do and I never take that for granted. I am 27 now and in my 23rd year of performing magic. Whether it be at a wedding or a private party, a corporate event or comedy club, close up or on stage I enjoy it all equally and love entertaining people.

When you are a child you are always asked what you dream about being when you grow up. I wonder how many people actually get to do what they wanted. I do and it is a great feeling to know my hard work has led to achieving that dream.