Private Events

Darren will bring his amazing magic to amaze your guests at your private event. Whether it be a birthday celebration, an anniversary, a house party or any other event, trust Darren to provide everyone with an unbelievable experience, right in front of their eyes.


Mix and Mingle

Darren works standing up for small groups of guests at a drinks reception. He performs specific magical and mind reading effects which do not require a table but are no less amazing. He moves continually from group to group, performing different tricks to amaze all your guests.


Table Magic

Darren comes to the table before or between courses (never during) and performs his magic for the whole table. He uses effects that can be seen by everyone around the table and ensures an interactive performance where everyone can get involved.


House Parties

One of Darren's favourite places to perform is at a house party. Usually all the guests know each other and everyone is very relaxed. Darren uses this to his advantage to create a magical experience for small groups and the whole group. House parties have anything from 4 to 100 guests and Darren ensures each guest gets to see him in action, tailoring his performance for the group. Darren can use certain guests, such as the one celebrating a birthday, for some extra magic and much more comedy as well.

Whichever event you have in mind, Darren can add magical moments to it. Use the booking form to make an enquiry and see what he can do for you. If you have any questions or to make a booking enquiry please call 07766 373436 or 01924 442210

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